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Growing up like millions of other people I was never confident in how I looked. I always worried about how others saw me. Most days I would try a number of outfits on the night before school or work to try and decide what to wear. It has only been in the last couple of years that I have become confident in choosing my outfits and feeling good about what I am wearing. But there are still days and special occasions when I ask my husband which outfit looks better or I Skype or pxt my sister or friends to ask their opinion on which outfit I should wear. So I created fashiondecider.com and the Fashion Decider app with an aim to help anybody who just can't decide what outfit looks best on them and which one they should buy or wear. All you have to do is upload 2 photos of yourself in different clothes to either a private group of just your friends or the public and then people vote and comment on which one looks best. I hope this site helps you with your fashion decisions. xxxxB

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