Hong Kong, the good, the bad and the ugly!

The first leg of our trip – The good, the bad and the ugly.

So this first holiday post is pretty much all doom and gloom, but I promise, well I hope that this will be the only one that’s so ‘woe is me’ type post!

Before I even start with the plane ride and arriving at our first stop Hong Kong I need to give you a bit of background first. John decided about 2 months ago that we were off to Poland for one of his best friends wedding. I have travelled numerous times in my life, a number of times to various parts of Australia, Japan, Germany and flying never really bothered me. So I don’t know when I developed this issue around flying so instead of being thrilled about sight seeing in Poland, Rome, Hong Kong and Singapore I started stressing about the flights. How was I going to cope with being on a plane for 12 hours straight? My problem is I hate not being in control, I hate the fact that when you are flying if something goes wrong you can’t just pull over and get out. If something goes wrong on a plane it can horribly wrong. So I basically spent 8 weeks winding myself up over the plane ride. And so many people kept asking if I was excited about the trip but all I kept going back to was the flight.

Friday night I went to bed around 9pm, then at around 3am I was woken up by a text message from John’s mate in London. I couldn’t get back to sleep so was tired before we even begun. It was absolutely pouring down when we left Rotorua. John drove us up to Auckland from Rotorua so on the way I just shut my eyes, knowing I wouldn’t sleep. Check in was by 11.20am and we got there about 11.30am and by the time we filled out departure cards and went through all the necessary things we only had about 30 minutes before we boarded the plane. We were all in seated in the middle row of 4 seats with John in a seat behind us. I was thankful that I got an aisle seat. The 4 people who were sitting in front of us were 2 couples in their 60’s. They did a bit of fussing about before sitting in their seats. One of the guys who was very tall insisted on having an aisle seat. I got the impression that he wasn’t too comfortable with flying either. Our kids have been to Australia twice and both time Will hasn’t enjoyed the take off’s, landings or any bumpy bits. When we took off Will was scared so even though I wasn’t too thrilled with flying I pretended I was fine and reassured him. There was a young mum in her early 30’s sitting opposite me who was chatting away to her son while we were on the ground but as soon as we took off she freaked out. Her 12 year old son was trying to calm her down but she just needed him to stop talking to her. I totally get that, if I am freaking out I don’t want people to talk to me or ask me if I’m ok, I just need to go into the zone and sort myself out. Funny thing is, people around me would be none the wiser that I’m freaking out because I hide it so well. About half way through the flight I started talking next to the girl opposite me. Their family were off to Paris. I told her that I wasn’t too fond of flying and then she told me that she had gone to the doctors to get some anxiety tablets to try help her with her fear of flying. I know there are many other people who have the same fear of flying but it was nice to know that the girl opposite me was going through the same thing. There were 2 times when there was an announcement where we had to fasten our seat belts due to turbulence, when the crew started hurrying down the aisles checking people belts my heart was beating a hundred miles per hour. Thankfully the kids were none the wiser because they obviously don’t know what the word ‘turbulence’ means. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad, but Will was scared and I had to push my fears aside to comfort him. Throughout the flights we swapped seats a number of time and I did end up sitting next to John for about 10 minutes. I put my head on his shoulder and shut my eyes, he kissed my head and I felt like I was going to cry. Holding it all together and being slept deprived is very draining. So it felt nice just in those few minutes to feel like I was the kid being looked after. I have to admit for about 10 out of the 12 hours of flying the kids did so well. They just passed the time away by watching movies, and playing games. Will slept for about 3 hours all up towards the end of the trip. We had to wake him up when the seat belt sign came on due to turbulence and he ended up crying for a bit because he was so tired. He eventually fell back to sleep. The last 30 minutes of the flight for Bella were horrible, she hadn’t slept much, she hadn’t eaten much for 12 hours and she was too fussy with the food and then her ears were really hurting her and then she felt sick.

We landed about 9.15pm and I foolishly thought that the hotel would have been close by. Well it was but the unbelievable traffic meant it took another 1.5 hours to get there. In that time Bella was so tired and had no food in her tummy that she vomitted a little on the bus. My heart broke because she was so miserable. She then fell asleep on me for the rest of the bus journey. We got to our hotel just after midnight and ordered room service. I was starving too because I had barely eaten at all all day. When I’m stressed I don’t tend to eat. Room service arrived and we had a quick feed . By the time we had finished eating it was 1.30am which means it was 4.30am in the morning in New Zealand. I was well and truly ready for bed but Will insisted he read his daily reader that his teacher had given to him. So he read his book to me then i climbed into bed and for some crazy reason couldn’t switch off. I eventually drifted off to sleep and slept for about 4 hours straight.

And that was the end of day 1 of our holiday. I had booked Disney land for day 3 of being in Hong Kong because I figured we would have all been tried from the plane ride. Nanny suggested over breakfast that she thought we should do Disney land yesterday (after only having a few hours of sleep) and I was dreading it. I told John that iI would be needing a nap so after a beautiful breakfast we went back up to our room and I just lay on the bed. When John saw me he said ‘oh are you having a nap now?’. I really wanted to have a nap but I told him I was just waiting for them to decide what we were doing. I suddenly got a bit of energy and up I got. We decided to go to Disney Land and I’m so glad we did. We had the most amazing time. We had to make our way there so after talking to the people at the hotel desk they told us the best plan was to take the subway. Living in New Zealand I’ve never had to use public transport that often. I’ve had a drivers licence since I was 16 so I knew being in Hong Kong meant that I would experience their public transport regularly. We stepped outside and the first thing I immediately noticed was the smell, it wasn’t nice! We are staying right in the city centre and the temperature is hot, combined with a stench that made Bella walk around holding her nose. It really does make you appreciate beautiful New Zealand after spending such a short time here. John found the subway system easy to navigate and it took us about 40 minutes hoping on and off of 3 different trains to get to Disney land. Will got a bit freaked out on the train. There was an old man on the train who just got fixated on him. He just kept smiling at Will and to be honest he was a funny looking old man and I would have been a bit freaked out too. When we got to Disney Land it thankfully didn’t smell as bad as the city, but it was still really hot. About 10 minutes in Bella started complaining her feet were hot, she then went on to pack a sad for about 10 minutes. We decided to ignore her. We knew she wouldn’t stay in a bad mood for long, I mean we were at Disney Land after all! Disney Land was fantastic, the place was so clean and it wasn’t too packed. The longest we had to cue for a ride was about 10 minutes. We went on lots of rides. My favourite part was the Micky Mouse 3D movie, the movie really did seem to come to live with images popping out at you and there was real water that sprayed out at us when Donald threw the bucket of water out. There was also wind in the movie when you were driving on Aladdin’s magic carpet. The kids had a number of random people taking photos of them, which I still find is weird. The best part of the day for me would hands down have been seeing both Will and Bella’s smiles throughout the day, it was priceless!


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  1. Sounds like the kids did really well on the flight B. And you too, for holding it all together. Being overtired is the worst thing ever. Make sure you take some time out for you when you need it. Glad the kids enjoyed Disney Land. Cousin Jaden would have loved to have been there too!

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