Make Someone’s Day


You know how in life, things go full circle, one minute a certain style is the ‘in’ thing, then it goes out of style and then it comes back in again years later. One minute we are being told chocolate is no good for us, then it is, then it isn’t. We also see it a lot in education, new initiatives come and go and then they are just called something different. At our school we had just recently been introduced to The Fish Philosophy. I’ve never come across it before. Basically there are 4 Fish principles.
1) Play
2) Make Their Day
3) Be Present
4) Choose Your Attitude

I decided I’d write a blog post on each of them. The first one I’m going to write about is ‘Make Their Day’. “Often when discussing the ‘Make Their Day’ principle people complain about being too busy to stop and think about someone else.” ( You don’t have to spend money to make some ones day. It can be as simple as a smile, or a ‘hello’, or taking the time to ask how some one is. We are all such busy people and more often than not it is those little things to make us feel valued that can help us get through the day.

I know a lot of strong, intelligent people who have a lot going on in their personal lives but they are professional so you wouldn’t know they were going through things because they bring their A game every day. I guess my point is that many of us wouldn’t have a clue about what others’ are going through so by simply taking the time to comment on how nice some one looks, or what a great job some one is doing could really mean a lot to a person.

So my challenge to you is to make someones day tomorrow and let me know what you did.=!

If you are stuck with some ideas, here is a list of just a few things that could help make someones day…

* Hold the door open for anyone
* Offer to make your co-workers their morning coffee
* Return the grocery trolley to the trolley return for an older person or a busy mother.
* Send thank you notes to people
* Let someone go in front of you in traffic
* Leave sticky notes — with thoughtful messages — on the wind shield of your colleagues car
* Tell someone they have a nice smile
* Say good morning to someone and ask how they are.
* Compliment someone’s clothing
* Have flowers delivered to your some one special in your life for no reason at all
* Listen to someone else’s problems
* Buy a pedicure for someone who would never do that for themselves
* Ask for someone’s opinion. It will make them feel valuable
* Talk to someone who doesn’t know anyone at a party
* If you had a good service at a restaurant, let the manager or waitress know
* Offer your seat to someone when there aren’t any left
* Brush the snow off of the car next to yours
* Put change in an expired meter
* Leave a piece of chocolate on a coworker’s desk
* Ask someone about their children
* Ask someone, anyone, how you can help

Go on, take me up on my challenge and make someones day tomorrow. Be the reason why someone smiles today! I can’t wait to hear about it. xxxB

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