Mother-in-law knows best!

You always hear of those horror stories of women who don’t get along with their mother-in-laws.  As for me, I can honestly say I have an AMAZING mother-in-law! 


(My beautiful mother-in-law Alison xx)

I had to go back to work 6 months after both Bella and Will were born to help pay the bills and Alison gave up her job to look after her grand children.  To this day I’m convinced they have excelled at school and have turned out so well because of the love, time and energy Alison put into them while both John and I were at work.  She spent quality time, baking, sewing, playing and simply talking to them and she had and still has the patience of a saint.

Last week I came to realise that my mother-in-law knows best lol.  During the school holidays a month ago Alison went on holiday and she came back with presents for everyone.  Obviously she knows me well because she brought me back ALOT of chocolate to help me get through the busyness of the remainder of the year (I inherited my sweet tooth from my dad!).  But she also brought me back a colouring book and a pack of colouring in pencils which to be quite honest I thought was a bit weird.  As she past them to me she told me they were to help me de-stress, colouring in for mindfulness apparently. 


(The colouring for mindfulness book my mother-in-law gave me)

When we got home Bella asked if she could colour in one of the pictures and I handed her the book and didn’t think any more of the book until a few weeks later.  I was busy doing something after school one day when there was an snippet on a current events tv programme talking about how adults are turning to colouring books to help fight stress.  I didn’t actually see the segment on it but I just smiled when I heard the advert because Alison had brought me the book which I had done nothing with.  Then a few days later during a meeting I attended the attendees were given an intricate picture to colour as a way to just relax.  So in the space of a few weeks there were 3 occasions where colouring in to help with stress was being put in front of my face.  Maybe my mother-in-law was right, maybe there was something in this colouring in to help de-stress?   So I went home that night and found the colouring book in Bella’s room and I went and sat on our bed and I coloured in for 20 odd minutes.  To be honest I didn’t find it particular fun, but I did enjoy switching off.  Like most working, mums life is just crazy busy.  I guess my mother-in-law just knew that this was something that I needed even if I didn’t know myself to begin with.

So for all you busy people out there, make sure you take time to switch off and relax, whether it is colouring in or knitting or going for a walk.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself room to breathe, it will make you a better person for it.


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