Respect to models and photographers!

You know how for some people it doesn’t matter if they are smiling or if they are looking away from the camera or if they are making a silly face, they look gorgeous, they are photogenic…I’m not one of these people!  My daughter Bella looks amazing in every photo she is in, while our son definitely takes after me, like me he just looks awkward in photos!

I have never liked getting my photo taken, I always try my hardest not to be in them.  When I smile, I’m just all gums, or my eyes almost close shut, it’s just not a good look.   This photo shows you exactly what I mean!


Over this past weeks I have had my photo in 3 newspapers for Fashion Decider.  I can honestly say that after my first photo shoot I have a brand new respect for models and photographers!  Don’t get me wrong I am by no means comparing myself to a model but I feel like I did get a glimpse into their world when I had a photographer telling me what to do.

Last Saturday my sister and I went into town to find a new outfit for the photoshoot.  I really wanted to get something from a New Zealand designer that was made here in New Zealand.  I eventually found a black merino sleeveless top by Stone Hill and a yellow necklace.  I got home and put them on with some tight fitting black jeans and a  pair of strapy high heels.  I thought I looked pretty good.  On Sunday when the photographer came around he took one look at my outfit and told me change!  I was dressed all in black except for the yellow necklace, he said he needed me in a coloured, patterned dress.

The photographer had a clear vision, which I wasn’t able to understand until I saw the finished product!  All I can say is thank godness my sister was there to help.  For about an hour the photographer was telling me to put this arm here, bend this elbow this much, turn my body, move my leg, oh and smile, smile like you’re having fun.  The photographer was amazing but I truly felt sorry for him.  I’m not someone who knows what angles look best, I’m not aware of how to position my body for the best shot.  I actually had to keep stretching my mouth because it got sore from trying to smile.  The photos that were used for the articles I’m pretty happy with but it took about 1 hour to get those few good shots!  The shot that is in this blog turned out so well because I had my hair an make up done (by someone else because I seriously can’t do my own), amazing what some make up can do!  So now when I look at those beautiful photos in magazines I have a whole new appreciation and respect for the hours that have gone in to getting that perfect shot and the team that goes with it!

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One thought on “Respect to models and photographers!”

  1. It was an eye opener alright! Glad I was there to help you out :-) xxx

    P.S. – I still reckon that black top and jeans was the perfect outfit !

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