Sleep deprivation!

It’s days like this that I know why sleep deprivation was used as torture!

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I became a poor sleeper but the moment I found out I was pregnant, sleeping went out the window!

I’ve always been a worrier so that has never helped with the sleep and being a teacher well…all you teachers out there know what it can be like when you are trying to sleep and what you wake up thinking about.  You spend your nights making lists in your head about what you have to do and you worry about your students.  So the combination of me being a worrier, a teacher and being a mum means I’m not a good sleeper and haven’t been for the past 8 years!

At 5.30pm tonight I hit the wall.  I’ve been feeling tired for the whole day but I haven’t let my self stop because I know the moment I stop then I just can’t start again.  Last night wasn’t the worst night sleep I have had, but it certainly wasn’t the best.  I can honestly tell you I can’t remember the last time I slept the whole night (meaning 6 hours in a row).  On average I get about 3 consecutive hours and maybe about 5 hours total.  Believe it or not that has vastly improved in the past year or so!  I have tried all the natural remedies under the sun, the only thing I haven’t tried is prescribed sleeping tablets.  I know a lot of people who use them and that is fine but for me that’s not an option.

At its worst for me is when I feel so tired that it makes me feel sick and I feel like I’m some what of a walking zombie.  Thankfully today  I’m not feeling like that.  Today I just have a fuzzy head and my eyes are just heavy.  Most days by the time the kids have had their dinner, homework done and they have had a shower and into bed it is about 7pm.  The moment they get into bed and I get to relax I don’t want to do anything.  Although I know exercise and some meditation would do wonders I’m just too tired to do it.  It’s like a vicious cycle.  But tonight as the days become longer with summer on its way  I did  something for me…I went for a run.  


(One of the views while I was out running)


(Another view while out running)

Willing myself to do some exercise is the biggest battle, once I’m out there and running in the fresh air I feel alive and I feel great!  Fingers crossed that tonight I’ll have a better sleep and wake up feeling not tired.  I hope you guys do too.


2 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation!”

  1. I know the feeling B, I’m a light sleeper and end up waking in the middle of the night to sounds of mice or the spa pool pump. My dogs wake me up every morning at 5 to be fed. I’m not a morning person, so I struggle to get moving… You right I have a to do list that I try and work out instead of sleeping. Great to have a run ( I like to walk with my music very loud) it’s important to have time to have head space. I hope you sleep better tonight.

  2. Good on you B! I know sometimes I say I’m tired but I actually get way more sleep than you so I’ve got nothing to complain about. I don’t know how you survive on that much (little) sleep! You’re doing an amazing job with having such a busy job, running after your fabulous two kiddies and being an awesome friend. I’m so pleased you’re finding the time to do something just for you!

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