Video interview with writer Chris Bythewood

I am finally able to upload my chat with the talented and incredibly nice guy Chris Bythewood. He is one of the writers of Shots Fired a new, powerful TV series that will air on the Fox network early next year. I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of Chris’ name on many successful TV and film projects in the near future.

In one of my previous interviews I learnt that I shouldn’t try to be someone I’m not when I attempted to wear false eyelashes with one of them half falling off. This resulted in me not being able to show the video interview, so I had to attach a still shot of myself instead. This time round with Chris I learnt the lesson that I should always be prepared. For the first 2 minutes you will hear why you don’t see me in the video and why again I only have the still shot of myself. I throughly enjoyed chatting to Chris. It didn’t feel like an interview and in this chat I was just myself, a person who clearly doesn’t know anything about sport or too much about the film industry either! Watch now to hear about Chris’ road to Hollywood.

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If you want to watch the interview in full screen press play first then on the right had side of the video make sure you click the Full Screen button (the square) next to the YouTube symbol. xxxB

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