Watch out world here comes Kharl WiRepa!

I was invited by the talented kiwi designer Kharl William WiRepa to attend the Gloss Fashion Fundraiser showcasing some of Rotorua’s amazing designers and beautiful models. Hours after the event had finished when I was at home I was still buzzing and couldn’t sleep. That night provided me into a glimpse of a world I’m not usually apart of. I also went away with mixed emotions. I felt guilty and naive about not knowing what amazing and talented designers we have right here in Rotorua but I was also proud and excited as I saw the many amazing designer pieces that were being show cased. Rotorua is definitely a place to watch!

For some of you you, will be reading my blog for the first time so I just want to give you a bit of back ground about myself. Growing up I wasn’t a girly girl, I was very much a tom boy who didn’t wear dresses until I was about 18. I was never confident in my own skin and I was always worried about what others thought of me. So I created and the FashionDecider app to help all the millions of people who on a daily basis can’t decide what to wear. I would no way describe myself as a fashion expert or a fashion guru I know what I like but as Fashion Decider is evolving I have been learning about fashion and have found myself doing and being a part of things that I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be apart of – from newspaper and magazine articles to appearing on TV and now being a VIP at a Fashion Fundraiser. I am loving this journey I’m on and I’m enjoying the ride and can’t wait to see where Fashion Decider takes me next!

I have never attended a Fashion Fundraiser before so I had no idea what to expect. And of course because this was my first time I was nervous about the whole thing so I invited 2 of my best friends to come along with me! One of the things I learnt from the night was before I attend anything like this again I need a decent camera. I was taking photos on my iPhone which didn’t do the designer pieces any justice. But you live and learn and next time I’ll make sure I have a better camera.

The venue for the Gloss Fashion Fundraiser was the Rotorua District Council building which to be honest I thought was a strange place to hold such an event. Once I was inside and saw the amazing job they did setting it up, I quickly changed my mind. The beautiful wooden floors, the high ceilings the beautiful lights, it was the perfect place. Although if this becomes a yearly event (which I hope it does) they will need more space. Last night it was standing room only. It was an amazing event which in the future I would gladly recommend people to attend.


Throughout the night I meet a lot of people, including the gorgeous Jessica Tyson who is Miss International New Zealand 2016 and also the stunning Karin Horen. Karin walked in wearing this elegant white dress and you couldn’t help but stare, she is beautiful. Kharl introduced me to her and she was lovely. Any way after meeting her I was reminded why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I bet there have been many people like myself who would look at Karin and envy her. She is stunning, has 3 beautiful children and her partner is the successful and hunky actor Maun Bennett who has appeared in the likes of The Hobbit, Spartacus, Arrow and The Shannara Chronicles just to mention a few! It wasn’t until I got home and googled Karin that I found what an amazing person she is, beautiful both inside and out. But her life hasn’t always be easy. When Karin was 26 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2013 she was once again battling breast cancer for the second time. Karin has shared her journey with other women and started the Paddle For Hope foundation ( which since 2011 has raised more than $240,000 for cancer rehabilitation and they hope to raise $100,00 in 2016 to improve the lives of New Zealanders affected by cancer. She is also involved in, and is also a presenter. An amazing lady who has used her struggle with cancer as a way to educate others and raise money for a cause that touches so many New Zealander’s lives.

(Jessica Tyson who is Miss International New Zealand 2016 and also the stunning Karin Horen)

The evening showed cased the talented Rotorua designs by Iti gifts, Mereana Ngatai, Deborah De Loree and of course Kharl William WiRepa. Kharl is going to be one of the designers showing his collection at next months New Zealand Fashion Week and the Gloss Fashion Fundraiser was to help raise money for 10 of Kharl’s models from his Gloss Quality model agency in Rotorua to attend NZFW.

Kharl has been named as one of the country’s top 20 influencers under the age of 25 by In 2014 Kharl debuted on the New Zealand Fashion Week runway and last year Kharl had an email from Vogue especially asking for front row seats at his show, that email from Vogue speaks volumes and says it all about how talented Kharl is.

After seeing his collection last night you can clearly see why he deserves to be at New Zealand Fashion week. The pieces we saw were ones that you couldn’t help but fall in love with, in a word they are truly exquisite. The type that would make you feel like a queen or a princess if you wore it. The type that would stop a crowded room when you walked through the door and turn heads. When I asked if the collection we saw was the one he would be show casing at New Zealand Fashion Week he said it wasn’t. He gave me a sneak peek at the splendid fabric that he is using to create his collection for NZFW and I can just tell his collection is going to be a show stopper. Watch out world here comes Kharl WiRepa.





(The amazing Kharl and one of his beautiful models).

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