Why I don’t cook

I’m not one of those people who have a special talent or excel at something in particular.  I can’t really cook, bake, sew, draw etc so it was a bonus when I married my husband who can do all those things and many other things really well!  John and I are very different from each other, but our values are the same so our relationship works.  We have been married for over 8 years and I can honestly say that I have only cooked about a dozen times.  If for what ever reason John isn’t home to cook I will shamefully admit I’ll just order some take-aways! 

John’s a plumber who loves his job.  He gets to spend his day meeting and chatting with new people so because John is so social he is right in his element.  After an 8-9 hour day he finds cooking as a way to wind down and relax.  I couldn’t think of anything worse!  Some nights he will spend 3 hours getting a meal ready which will taste delicious but some days I’d could be just as happy with mince on toast! 


(last night’s dinner – roast potatoes, roast lamb, red peppers, egg plant, tomatoes and feta – yummy!)

I’ve often told him that he should go on those cooking shows, because not only people love his sense of humour he is also an amazing cook.  But he said he would never because he cooks for enjoyment and wouldn’t want to be on a show where it is stressful. 

Not only does he produce restaurant quality meals each night he also bakes which is another way he spends quality time with our kids.  The kids are always love helping John in the kitchen. 


(Our beautiful daughter Bella, helping John with some baking)


(Bella and our son Will helping with the dishes)

Like I previously said he also bakes.  These photos below are the birthday cakes he made and decorated with his mum for our kids birthdays in July.

wills cake_Fotor try this

(Will’s birthday cake)

this cake

(Bella’s birthday cake – the water is made of blue jelly!)

While John does all the cooking, we share the other household chores but I obviously do the clean up after he cooks dinner!  What we do works for us, I’m just glad my Prince Charming loves to cook!

I’ll be posting more photos of the yummy dishes John serves up.  If you want the recipes of any thing you see make sure you message me and I’ll get it for you.


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  1. Thanks for sharing B. Aren’t our children lucky to have such a positive influence in their life by someone as important as a grandparent? The colouring books are an awesome idea. I’ll have to get myself one for xmas lol.

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