Kiwi-made app Fashion Decider will help you make your mind up

Friday Apr 8, 2016  By HARRIET PUDNEY
Users can opt to either share their pictures with a private group, or with all members of the app and website.
Percentage scores are displayed on users' pictures.
You can also say what the outfit is for, to help voters decide.

It's hardly a life or death problem, but we're all familiar with the pain of deciding what to wear.

Rotorua woman Billinda Connolly-Tevendale saw that problem as an opportunity, and started her app, website and Facebook page Fashion Decider.

"It's for anybody who can't decide what they want to wear," she said, which is more than likely everyone, from time to time.

Users upload a pair of photos to the app, and decide whether to share them with a private group, or with everyone who uses the app.

Once the photos have been approved, they're available for voting, and the person who uploaded them soon has an answer.

You can also say what the outfit is for, to help voters decide.

Connolly-Tevendale came up with the idea in July last year, and went against her usual inclination to play it safe by starting the Facebook page. 

"My husband laughed... but he was really supportive. He said 'Just go for it,'" she said. 

"Then as soon as the Facebook site got about 20,000 [likes] then idea went from being my idea, to 'our idea.'"

As her Facebook following kept growing, Connolly-Tevendale thought she was onto something. In December, she got the app and website made, with the two working in tandem. 

"It's evolved so much just from feedback from users. We've got hashtags now, so if you're wearing a pair of Prada sunglasses... [all the Prada posts] come up."

"It's been awesome. People from all over the world have been emailing in saying what an awesome idea it is," Connolly-Tevendale said. 

From army wives in the United States, to Kiwi teenagers, the app has fans worldwide. Connolly-Tevendale says it's had about 1000 downloads so far, and she's working on getting more of the Facebook page's 71,000+ fans involved. 

"It's been exciting... It's been really cool," she said.