Fashion Decider makes the front page of the Rotorua Daily Post

Tuesday Apr 5, 2016  By Shauni James

A Rotorua woman who "stumbled" on an idea while out shopping has created an online community of more than 70,000 people who help each other decide what to wear or buy.

Billinda Connolly-Tevendale is the creator of and the FashionDecider app, where users upload photos of themselves wearing two different outfits and let their private group/s or the public vote on which they think looks best or should be bought.

A percentage comes up for each outfit and the person who uploaded the photos gets notifications when someone votes.

"I stumbled on to this idea, because I often needed a second opinion that I trusted while out shopping for clothes, and I found my girlfriends weren't available to shop when I was, because most of them are busy mothers like me," Mrs Connelly-Tevendale said.

It was like having your best friend go shopping with you, she said.

She said she would ask her husband for an opinion what she should wear, but he would always be on the fence and not give an honest opinion.

A lot of women got up each morning and wanted honest opinions and instant feedback, she said.

She said FashionDecider was like having your own personal stylist, free of charge and without leaving your house.

"This is just all new to me and I didn't think it would take off how it has. I'm excited to see how it is growing and how it is being used worldwide."

She said she had also been surprised how many men were uploading photos.

Mrs Connolly-Tevendale said FashionDecider was something she did after work, but it was fun to be able to help people.

She first launched the Facebook page last July, the website shortly after and then the app in December.

The FashionDecider app is free to download on Apple and Android devices, or those who do not own one can use the website.

The website and app work in unison, with uploaded photos on the app going straight to the website and vice versa.

It was constantly changing and evolving, she said.

She said through FashionDecider she would like to showcase New Zealand designers and clothes as "there's so many talented and amazing designers here in New Zealand."